He list some useful websites that may be able to answer tour questions —

Pen Restoration – Parts
Also known as the Pendragon – the place to go to for all your pen restoration parts and special tools.

Pen Repairs –
Writing Equipment Society – Probably the place to start looking a restorers.

Pen Repair Instruction –

If you are brave enough to try and repair your own pens. The you might want to watch a few of the instruction videos posted on youtube. There is no guarantee that those “expert” are giving good advise – but they are worth looking at.

Removing and Replacing Fountain Pen Sacs –
How To Replace A Sac In A Swan Leverless Pen  –
Parker Vacumatic Repaired. –

Conway Stewart –

Parker Pens –

Parker 51 – history and identification advise –
Parker 51 – more info –

Summit Pens & Lang –

Useful Books-

Click on book title to find and buy a copy.

Fountain Pens of the World by Andreas Lambrous
Fountain Pens: Vintage and Modern by Andreas Lambrous
Fountain Pens: United States of America and United Kingdom by Andreas Lambrous
Identifying Fountain Pens (Identifying Guide) by Jonathon Stainberg
Fountain Pens and Pencils: The Golden Age of Writing Instruments (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by George Fischler
Parker “51” – by David Shepherd
Parker Duofold – by David Shepherd
Jotter: History of an Icon – by David Shepherd
Parker Vacumatic – by David Shepherd

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